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KNF Little Johny 2 – Playschool Escape

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KNF Little Johny 2 – Playschool Escape

KNF Little Johny 2- Playschool Escape is the 48th game from knfgame. After escaping Johny from the house, his parents decide to leave him in a play school from morning to evening. And one fine day morning Johny parents left him in the playschool and went to office. Johny was playing in school with other kids and time passed and its evening the other kids left and Johny was alone and waiting for his parents come and pick him, but they didn’t come and in worst case the play school staff locked the door thinking that all students went. Now you need to Help little Johny to find the key and open the door. For that you have use the objects around the room and solve some puzzles to escape Johny. Best of luck, Have fun playing escape games.